Jasper AI Pricing: Worth it? Compare Plans [May 2023]

Jasper Pricing Summary:

$24 per month and up. The best AI generator overall for both image, art, and text creation of those we tested. A simple chat-style interface with very high-quality images, editing features, and the fastest load times. We believe Jasper the best value for money, and there is a free trial. Overall 4/5 stars. See full pricing page here.

—Kim Hannover, AI Software Specialist

Got a pressing deadline and need to create high-quality material quickly? Help is around the corner! In this review of Jasper AI, we will introduce you to this AI writing program, which can assist you with any content-based creative task. Jasper can assist you in generating fresh material or improving existing pieces.

What is Jasper? 

Jasper is an AI writing software that streamlines the process of content creation. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Jasper assists users in creating content quickly and precisely.

Moreover, Jasper’s sophisticated algorithms are capable of writing in a specified tone, comprehending context, recommending enhancements, and offering suggestions to improve your writing.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

If you are new to content creation and require some assistance without incurring significant expenses, the Starter Plan is ideal for you.

With Jasper AI’s Starter Plan, you can generate up to 20,000 words per month for only $29. This is enough for crafting headlines, descriptions, or other brief messages, making it an excellent option for businesses with specific content requirements.

Additionally, Jasper prioritizes data security, ensuring that all operations are performed safely and protecting against malicious actors.

Boss Mode (Premium Version)

Jasper’s pricing plans progress to Boss Mode, which provides additional features to facilitate content creation.

Compared to the Starter Plan, Boss Mode offers advanced long-form text capabilities and natural language processing in an open document setting. As a result, Boss Mode is ideal for businesses seeking to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

For instance, Boss Mode users may tailor their workflows to their requirements while creating recipes. Recipes are a series of repeatable commands that generate the desired output.

Moreover, Boss Mode enables users to easily create and edit content by composing statements in a conversational style, thanks to its command functionality.

Boss Mode pricing begins at $59 per month for 50,000 words, making it a cost-effective alternative for businesses seeking to streamline content creation. Don’t hesitate to get started with Jasper!

Business Plan (For Teams)

For those seeking the ultimate content creation experience, the Business Plan is the premium option, equipped with features designed to enhance efficiency.

However, the Business Plan is customizable and more expensive, with a pricing structure that varies based on individual needs. If you’re interested in learning more about tailored plans, we recommend reaching out to the Jasper team for further information.

Jasper AI’s Annual Plan

Jasper AI’s annual plan is one of its top billing options, providing users with access to all features included in the Starter and Boss Mode plans for a full year at a discounted price.

Users who choose the annual plan receive a 17% discount compared to the monthly payment option, as well as two exciting offers: the Starter plan with a 20K words/month capacity at $24/month, or the Jasper AI Boss Mode with a 50K words/month limit for $49/month.

For customized pricing tailored to your business requirements, Jasper AI’s team of professionals is available to guide you through the process step-by-step. Additional information on pricing can be found on Jasper’s pricing page.

Jasper AI Free Trial Period

Jasper AI provides a generous 5-day free trial to users interested in trying out this powerful AI writing software. During the trial period, you have complete access to Jasper’s features, enabling you to determine if it meets your requirements without incurring any financial obligation. The free trial also includes access to helpful resources such as tutorials and webinars to get you started quickly and easily. Additionally, Jasper provides a 5-day money-back guarantee, eliminating the user’s risk.

Jasper Product Updates

Jasper AI’s platform has received several recent updates that improve the content generation process significantly.

Longer Look Back

Jasper’s Boss Mode now has a valuable feature that allows it to refer back to more characters when generating new content, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the context. Jasper analyzes the previous 3,000 characters in a document each time content is generated, which is particularly useful for writing long-form content. Users can now create long-form content quickly and easily without worrying about losing the point.

Long-Form Assistant & Documents

Jasper’s long-form assistant provides content creators with a variety of benefits. It automatically suggests relevant topics for articles or blog posts and offers a side-by-side view of accessible templates. This uncluttered interface makes writing a breeze. Additionally, users can organize industry-specific writing into categories using folders.

Jasper Commands Feature

Jasper’s Commands feature offers users direct access to the AI writing tool, allowing them to better utilize Jasper AI. Users can enter commands such as “expand on the above” or “suggest synonyms for this word,” and Jasper AI will fulfill the requests.

Jasper Art

Jasper AI has expanded its capabilities to include artistic skills with the introduction of Jasper Art.

This innovative feature provides users with creative visuals without the need to hire an artist or search for images online. By describing what you want the AI to draw, it can generate an image based on your description.

Jasper Art is an excellent tool for quickly creating unique pieces of art, particularly for those developing social media posts that require custom visuals. Jasper Art can be used to generate logos, customize illustrations, and create abstract art, among other things.

Jasper Chat: AI-Powered Conversations

Jasper Chat is an AI-powered chatbot that utilizes natural language processing to facilitate brilliant conversations and help you achieve more.

Whether you’re creating blog posts or generating creative topic ideas, Jasper Chat has got you covered.

Best of all, this fantastic tool is currently free for all users and doesn’t consume any of your credits.

With its NLP capabilities, Jasper Chat can assist users in various tasks, such as creating blog posts, managing projects efficiently, finding information quickly, staying on top of deadlines, and much more.

Using NLP, Jasper Chat can understand and respond to your inputs, making it as close to a real-time conversation as possible.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Jasper AI provides top-notch customer support through email support and an expansive library of helpful tips.

Their friendly customer service team is always ready to help you with any issue you may encounter.

Jasper AI understands that time is critical when it comes to customer service inquiries, especially if your product isn’t working correctly or you have any other urgent concerns.

Therefore, they promise a quick response time, no matter where you are.

If you prefer to troubleshoot your issues, Jasper AI has got your back with a library of helpful tips and tricks related to various topics like product setup and troubleshooting instructions.

Moreover, they also offer detailed video tutorials called the Bootcamp for those who prefer visual explanations over written ones.

What Jasper Can Generate for You?

Jasper AI can assist in any content writing task, be it short-form or long-form.

This powerful AI software can generate blog posts, articles, emails, and social media posts with ease.

For copywriters, Jasper’s templates can aid in creating engaging and creative copy for digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.

Moreover, Jasper’s SEO templates can be useful for those involved in search engine optimization efforts.


Jasper AI seamlessly integrates with users’ existing workflows, allowing them to maximize their content’s potential.

For instance, plagiarism-free content is essential for those who want to maintain a strong reputation online.

Jasper’s Copyscape integration ensures originality by allowing users to check their content for plagiarism directly in Jasper’s interface.

Jasper’s Grammarly integration maintains consistent tone and grammar rules in product descriptions, blog posts, and other content types.

This integration is especially valuable for long-form content writing, where the chances of making mistakes generally increase.

Jasper also integrates with Surfer SEO, a leading SEO tool in the market.

This integration helps optimize content for search engines and ensure that it ranks higher in SERPs for chosen keywords.

The Credit System

Jasper AI operates on a credit system that determines the number of words you can generate on the platform.

Each time you click the “Generate” button to create more content, the system deducts credits from your account balance.

It’s important to note that short-form content consumes fewer credits than longer pieces, so it’s crucial to be mindful of this when using the tool.

Additionally, some tools on Jasper’s Boss Mode plan require more credits than others, so being aware of these word limits is important if you have team members added to your account.

You can easily access a report that shows how many credits you’ve used for the month.


Jasper provides comprehensive training on how to generate the best AI content.

The first step in your onboarding process should be going through the Jasper BootCamp.

This video training helps users get started with AI writing, enabling them to write better and faster than ever before.

It provides detailed information on generating optimized long and short-form content for SEO efforts, as well as training on various templates that can craft personalized emails, write blog post intros and outros without human input, and much more.

In addition to this training, the Jasper Facebook group is still one of the best resources for understanding how the software works.

The Jasper community is friendly and always ready to help, providing tips and tricks for content generation to anyone who needs it.

If you encounter any issues with the Jarvis AI writing software, you can email hey@jasper.ai, and the support team will promptly respond.

They can assist with issues ranging from short-form content to long-form generation and anything in between.

Get started with Jasper today.

Having Multiple Users Using Jasper

Jasper AI’s pricing plans are designed to accommodate multiple users working on the same account.

For instance, employers can access their workspace with unique user logins and provide their team members with separate credentials.

This feature is particularly useful for employers who have multiple individuals creating content, ad copy, or other copywriting projects.

Additionally, with unlimited project folders, you can keep your projects organized in the most appropriate way for your team.

Does Jasper use GPT-4?

Jasper AI’s content generation capabilities are powered by GPT-4.

Using GPT-4 allows Jasper users to have the best possible experience when creating content, eliminating writer’s block.

Whether it’s creating content about the latest YouTube tools or reviewing a new restaurant as part of your content creation plan, GPT-4 makes it easier for users to come up with unique and exciting topics to write about.

Jasper AI Pricing – FAQs

Can Bloggers Use Jasper Ai To Write Content?

Yes, bloggers can benefit from using AI-powered writing assistants.

The software is perfect for bloggers looking to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content.

How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

The prices for Jasper AI’s various plans vary depending on what features you require.

The Starter plan costs $24 per month, while Boss Mode starts at $49 monthly.

Is There A Refund Policy When Using Jasper AI?

Yes, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase within five days of signing up, you can request a full refund.

What Does Revision History Mean In Jasper AI?

The revision history feature in Jasper AI provides a record of every document edit, allowing you to look back and see how your content has evolved.

This function is useful for bloggers working on longer writing pieces as it allows them to keep track of their progress and revert to a previous version if needed.

Is Jasper AI worth it?

Jasper AI is a worthwhile investment for those who use AI-powered writing assistants to generate high-quality content.

It’s a powerful tool with many features that make content creation faster and easier.

Moreover, the pricing plans are reasonable, making it an ideal choice for small businesses, content marketers, and anyone who can benefit from an AI copywriting tool.

Jasper Pricing Summary:

$24 per month and up. The best AI generator overall for both image, art, and text creation of those we tested. A simple chat-style interface with very high-quality images, editing features, and the fastest load times. We believe Jasper the best value for money, and there is a free trial. Overall 4/5 stars. See full pricing page here.

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